B-cards as market development tools

B-cards as market development tools

How do you leave contacts for your potential clients? In what way do you remind them about yourself? Any small business owner is interested in regular orders and audience inflow. Without reminding you will be forgotten and won’t succeed despite all effort.

Advertising and calls are okay but business cards are the main and most effective method. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs dismiss the fact. These little pieces of paper vary in design but are similar in contents type: name and surname, phone number, email, address, service. Some clever ones also add a slogan to make a particular impression.


First, you accent your status. It’s not enough to give a person some ad flyer because these are usually crumpled in pockets and after that thrown away. However, the objects mentioned work the contrariwise – they are personalized, so it’s problematic to find the heart and get rid of them.

Second, you have absolute freedom to fantasize during the project. Still, do not be taken away – there’s no need to mix everything in your creation. The result should be stylish but laconic, so think about structure and colors.


After receiving your card, he\she, probably, would place it in the wallet but the other version is that they would lose it. That’s a great minus besides not laminating the thing – it will become messy and useless later. Moreover, such an issuance requires certain investments – you consult a specialist about decoration, then proceed with printing. It’s a shame to spend money having no guarantees, isn’t it?

A new system

There is another variant, which is now probable thanks to the latest research in IT fields. You are able to issue an electronic business card – your reliable assistant in informing about yourself correctly. It is virtual and cannot possibly get lost or damaged, which is convenient. It is made with a free business card builder, so you will have no creative dead ends or hesitations concerning the visual side of the question. Lets look at its pluses.

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